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An issue could be a bug or something that is not working correctly, or working differently then expected. An integrated Error Report functionality is available in RadiMation®

Reporting an Error

When facing an error with Radimation, the error can be directly reported to the RadiMation® support.

  1. At the RadiMation® Error Window, open up the details. Under details, press the Report button.
  2. Once pressed on the Report button, an Error Report window will popup.
  3. Please fill in additional information like requested.
  4. Once the report information is filled in, the report can be send to the Support department in 2 ways:
    1. Send the report automatically using the "Send" button.
    2. Save the report with the "Save" button, and send the file over email to


The report automatically contains all recent communication with hardware. This is required to solve issues.

Manually Reporting an Issue

If you would like to report an problem with Radimation without a Radimation error, you can also open the Error Report window from the help menu.


Reporting RadiLog communication file only

If for some reason the above reporting is not available, you could manually report the hardware communication log. Please follow these instructions accordingly:

  1. Open the Radimation logging tool from the View menu in RadiMation
  2. While the tool is opened, reproduce the error.
  3. When the error has been logged, save the log file.
  4. Send the .RadiLog file (zipped) to the RadiMation support Email address


Note: Resellers that have direct access to the TestTrack database, should enter the details of the detected problem directly into the database. Please see the notes on Reporting Bugs In Database.

Resellers of RadiMation® can access extensive information of all the reported bugs via the 'RadiMation defect database' accessible at, or through the usage of the TestTrack program.

An account is needed to access this information. If you do not have an account, we can create one for you by sending a request to